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Technology and Security

There are spacious parking-garage capacities on our maintenance areas in Feuchtwangen and Neusitz/Rothenburg to give us independence from German weather conditions, even in winter times. Both areas offer car wash possibilities for complete vehicle cleaning as well as own Diesel filling stations.

Vehicles and drivers:

Besides the official and statutory technical surveys, all our vehicles are under permanent technical cheques by our own skilled maintenance staff.

The maintenance staff is trained to repair and maintain all our different coach types, mainly

The driving staff is composed of experienced and skilled men and women. Drivers for the incoming division must speak English, a lot of them are multilingual.

To lay stress on convenience does not at all mean to give up security.

We have strict rules and security standards:

  • Working and driving time regulations have to be kept accurately
  • Our drivers take part in security trainings, especially driving security training
  • First-aid-training is brushed up regularly

And in case of any questions the company management is on-call for 24 hours!

Maintenance Area:

The main area in Feuchtwangen is equipped with:

  • Garage with automatic lifting platforms as well as maintenance - and lubricating pits
  • Test stand for brakes
  • Device for testing of exhaust gases
  • Electronic testing devices for busses
  • Spare parts store
  • Car wash for busses
  • Fuel station (Diesel)

Qualified personnel is in charge for the technical maintenance of the vehicles.

Besides that, technical tests and examinations, security cheques and fire extinguisher cheques are regularly done by specialized external personnel both in our garages and in the vehicles.

The task of safety engineering for the whole company is guaranteed by the TÜV SÜD Life Service GmbH Company, Munich.

We took special care in keeping environmental requirements with both maintenance areas.

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