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History of the company


Foundation of the transport and removal firm "Bühl und Scharnagel“ in Feuchtwangen by Mr. August Bühl and Mr. Franz Scharnagel.


Change into a bus and transport company, owned by Mr. Scharnagel alone.


The 2nd World War stops company activities as all vehicles are confiscated by the German Armed Forces.

1947 Re-opening and building up of business again with construction of the first maintenance area.


With the early death of Franz Scharnagel, his wife Frieda takes over the business.


The goods transportation and removal division with lorries is closed down, concentration on passenger transport by bus and coach; taking over of the “Rothenburger Reisedienst”, a bus company in Rothenburg o.d.T.

During the following years a regional public transport and school-bus system is built up and expanded, both in the Feuchtwangen and Rothenburg area. Moreover the travel business enlarges due to beginning travel activities mainly of local clubs and associations to destinations both within Germany and adjacent countries.

1969 A new and bigger maintenance area with parking garages is built in Feuchtwangen.


After the death of Mrs. Frieda Scharnagel, her daughter, Mrs. Friedl Dobisch and her husband Mr. Ernst Dobisch take over as owner and manager.

1981 Another small bus company in Rothenburg is taken over by the Fa. Scharnagel.

1985 The expanding activities in the Rothenburg area make it necessary to build a second maintenance and parking-garage area in Neusitz near Rothenburg.


Start of the incoming sector with business connections to Great Britain, Switzerland, USA and Japan.
Scharnagel coaches are now running all over Europe!
Manager-in-charge: Mr. Markus Dobisch.

1992/93 Again construction work:  A bigger maintenance and parking-garage area in Feuchtwangen has become necessary.

1993 Mr. Markus Dobisch takes over the position of the General Manager from his father.

During the following years incoming as well as public transport extend, the company becomes bigger, the whole bus fleet is renewed.

2005 Mr. Markus Dobisch takes over the company as owner.

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